While our core business and focus is building and managing customized, globally diversified portfolios, we do offer some ancillary services, including:

Financial Planning

We recognize that no two clients are the same; some may be saving to buy a house, others for retirement, or your goal may be to simply build your wealth. Financial planning is about creating a strategy to help you achieve your life goals – you show us where you want to go and we can help you get there by setting up a customized plan that allows you to grow your wealth while taking the right level of risk. This service is offered through our main company Oakwood Capital Management.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning can help you secure your future by helping you determine if you will have the money you need for the type of retirement you desire, determine what the gap might be and how to make it up. the difference between how much money you’ll have and how much you’ll need. We’ll help you take all of your investments and assets into account – whether they are with us or not – so that you’ll keep a complete and accurate picture. This service is offered through our main company Oakwood Capital Management.

Tailored Wealth Management Services

If you desire a more hands-on approach which include more personal contact and quarterly in-person meetings with us, and your portfolio is greater than $1 million, you may want to consider our main company Oakwood Capital Management.

For more information on any of these services please fill out the following form or contact Max at (310) 307-4604.