We build and manage personalized, globally diversified investment portfolio designed to help you meet your goals and maximize your wealth. Portfolios are created using time-tested investment methodologies that are based on extensive quantitative methods and sound research.

Portfolios are:

Highly Diversified – disciplined research and portfolio construction techniques are utilized in order to provide diversification across markets and asset classes.

Cost-Controlled – the ability to contain costs is a key component of our investment methodology.

Tax-Efficient – taxes are minimized in order to improve real returns. We utilize tax loss harvesting, consider tax lots when selling and rebalance as appropriate. This is only applicable upon request or for taxable accounts.

We offer multiple investment strategies to capture what the market offers. Most of these strategies utilize Dimensional Fund Advisors’ (DFA) institutional mutual funds, which are not available to the general public. Other strategies result from our own in-house research as well as our portfolio management expertise.